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Welcome to DuPont™ Evalio® AgroSystems, a free monitoring service for sustainable pest control in high value crops such as tomatoes, lettuce, corn, potatoes, and oilseed rape.
Evalio® AgroSystems is a monitoring network that looks at pest populations and their movement during the season. It offers real-time warnings to growers enabling them to optimise their use of pesticides to help protect crop yield and quality. It allows them to apply the right amount of product at the right time for maximum benefit. Evalio® AgroSystems is a valuable tool for use in Integrated Pest Management programmes (IPM).
DuPont promotes Evalio® AgroSystems to help spread knowledge and promote best practice on the use of pesticides in sustainable agriculture. Our aim is to help growers achieve higher quality standards and yields, while fully complying with operator and end-user safety, and environmental requirements.
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Last Update 16-04-2014